Four Points Pricing

Point ONE Session: $40 (hour) 

This session is the orientation to prepare for interview. This is the session where goals, the mission, and the vision are made. This session allows Hayley to see what areas are most important to the contestant.

Point TWO Session: $50 (hour)

This session is focusing on the paperwork of interview only. The contestant’s resume and platform statement is the first thing that the judges see before they meet the girl. It is important that the paperwork matches the girl they see.

Point THREE Session: $50 (hour) 

This is one on one interview training with Hayley. The contestant will be tested on current local, national, and global topics. This session will also show the girl the importance on being knowledgable and how to express their opinion. Girls will be able to show their knowledge in their platform and how to address a large audience on their platform. This session will also focus on the nonverbal communication skills. This will include hand gestures, body positions, and the tone of one’s voice.

Point FOUR Session: $125 (for entire session)

This session will be on a monthly basis and set at a location in Columbus, GA. This session will include a panel of five judges for a mock interview session. First, the contestant will have a private one on meeting with Hayley. After the meeting, they will execute their skill with a panel of mock judges. They will be able to have two separate interview session. Contestant will receive a judging sheet, feedback, and a video of their performance to take home. This will be the most realistic experience and practice to improve interview skills to take home the crown.

Schedule Your Interview Appointment:

To Schedule an appointment with Hayley, please fill out the form below, or email her with the time and date at You will receive a confirmation email once the appointment has been booked. Cash or check will be the payment options.

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