Young women and the dating scene

27 Nov by admin

Young women and the dating scene

A recent research on young women and the dating scene revealed that smart women are increasingly finding it difficult to get a suitable date. One of the primary reasons behind this is many young women are more educated and accomplished than their male counterparts. Young men feel intimidated to approach them and women often need to play down their achievements to get a date. Women are not turning to dating older men and finding them on free sites such as romance scams.

No, wonder this has led several young and smart women to date men several years older to them. However, dating older men has a bad stigma associated with it. Most people hold a strong opinion about women dating older men but the theory about women seeing a Dad figure’ in older men is just not true in every case.

Also, many young women dating older men are highly accomplished so they are definitely not after their money. So, what it is that attracts young women to men with salt and pepper hair?

Here are 5 reasons that reveal why smart and young women prefer dating older men:

Most of you will agree there is something mystical about silver fox men with a no-nonsense attitude and the calmness they exude. A sight of Jon Hamm or George Clooney can still give any younger women butterflies in her stomach. They have a distinct personality and air of elegance that comes with age. Younger women feel much more comfortable and secure in their company.

Older men have an old school charm that young women miss in men of their age. The respect with which they treat women is difficult to find in men in their 20s. Their gentleman behavior and little gestures like opening the door for you and holding your hand while crossing the road will blow you over. They love to romance their women with hugs, kisses, flowers, and candlelit dinners.

Young and smart women do not like dealing with immature men who behave like a grown-up man-child. Older men are much more mature and know how to respect a woman’s feelings. Men who have seen it all are wiser and they do not play mind games. You can stop worrying about who will text first because they prefer calling as the mode of communication.

Older men are financially stable and settled in life so they are not jealous of you or your career choices. They are happy to share their knowledge and encourage you to make the right career choices. There are absolutely no insecurities in the relationship.

They have had their share of mistakes and learned from them. Older gentlemen will go that extra mile to make their partner happy and satisfied. Their years of experience in dating women make them a much better lover, something you cannot expect in a man in his 20s. They come with lesser emotional baggage and are more committed to a relationship.

While the older men angle has always been there when talking about young women and the dating scene, it’s unfortunate that there are so many misconceptions surrounding it. We hope this article helps in clearing the air and revealing the real reasons why young women prefer dating older men.

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