Meet Miss Middle West Georgia 2015, Austin Carruth

Last Saturday, I had the wonderful opportunity of emceeing my first Miss America preliminary. I will tell you it was so strange to be on the other end of the pageant as oppose to actually competing in it. But, I had the opportunity to see the name of the winners before it was announced (since I was the emcee). I had the opportunity to be the first to say, and your “Miss Middle West Georgia 2015 is….. Austin Carruth.” I have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing Austin the past few years we have both been competing in pageants. I have seen her grow in a true competitor, but also someone who has stayed true to herself. Now, it’s time for you to have a glimpse of the amazing Austin that I know.


Title: Miss Middle West Georgia
Age: 21
Talent: Vocal
School: Columbus State University
Major/Minor: Mass Media/Business
Platform: Conquering the Future One Day at a Time: CURE Childhood Cancer

What made you decide to compete in your first pageant?
I competed in my first pageant at 12 because I wanted to be like my mom. I always saw pictures of her in beautiful pageant gowns all over my Nana’s house, but wondered why I had never competed in a pageant. So with a lot of begging, she finally let me compete.

What was one fear you had when you began pageants that has now vanished?
The fear of being watched! As odd as it may sound, it terrified me to have the audience staring at me making their own criticisms. I knew the judges were doing just that, but it truly freaked me out to think about the audience! I’ve come well past that fear now. The stage is a comfortable place for me regardless of the judgements being made. I am always myself, so it doesn’t matter what others feel or say.

What’s the best advice you could give a newbie when it comes to interview?
Don’t give the answer you think the judges are looking for! While it may be easy to fall into the trap of conforming, that is not what they want. Be yourself, there’s only one you!

Out of the pageant world, what is a cool hobby that others would find interesting that you do?
I love to write! Whether it be journals, blogs, poetry, or songs, it really helps me clear my mind.

Favorite food to eat?
Definitely chicken!

Favorite concert you have attended?
The Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour! It was a huge concert in St. Augustine, part of a national tour, featuring Boys Like Girls, The Maine, Good Charlotte, and Metro Station! Easily, one of the best nights of my life!

One thing you wish you would have known before your first trip to Miss Georgia?
I would say how physically demanding the week is, but I was warned of the tiring week far in advance. I wish I would have known to bring a “treat” for after competing in swimsuit! You work so hard to get to that moment, but when it’s over you want something sweet to eat. I didn’t bring ANY snacks with me that night, so myself and Heather Burgess shared a bag of her Goldfish instead! I came prepared this past year!

Accomplishments in the pageant world:
I was just crowned Miss Middle West Georgia 2015, so I’m still on cloud 9! I competed in one other preliminary this season, Miss Macon, and won swimsuit (for the first time in my life — pretty huge), talent, the Neva Jane Langley Memorial Award, and 1st runner-up. I am a former Miss Emanuel County (2014) and Miss East Georgia State College (2013)!

Anything extra I want the world to know?
With the help of my Mom and Emanuel County Institute (my brother’s school), we will be hosting the 2nd Annual Gold Out Game for CURE on October 10th! We will be painting faces/nails gold, selling lemonade, selling t-shirts, and 10% of concessions that night will be donated to the cause! Donations are welcome even if you cannot make the game! All proceeds will benefit CURE Childhood Cancer and the family of Ansley Moxley, a local girl who is currently fighting this disease. If you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me below or on Facebook!


One thought on “Meet Miss Middle West Georgia 2015, Austin Carruth”

  1. LOVE this girl AND the wonderful Hayley Henderson. The MAO is amazing for many reasons but the number one reason is the lifelong friendships you make along the way… not to mention, each girl you meet will inspire you in many ways!


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