Meet Miss Columbus 2014

Well, if you have not met me yet, this title will only exist for just one more month. But, I will always be me, and grateful for the many years that I was involved in the Miss America pageant. The title of this site is FOUR POINTS. It’s to remind everyone on how the Miss America system is unique because the four points on the crown represent: Style, Scholarship, Service, and Success. However, this can apply to any pageant system not just the Miss America system. Four points is also special to me because I think about the four points on the cross. In reality, the time on this Earth is short, and the biggest thing to learn is the importance of who you are and how you can make a difference in this world.


I have had several people show interest in wanting to get involved in pageants, but not really sure where to start. The biggest obstacle is making that commitment to sign up for your first preliminary pageant. It’s a learning experience, and I can share some of the experiences I have had in a later blog. But, for now I want this to be a place where you can come for questions, and really just to gain valuable resources. I do offer interview training, but most importantly I want to capture the great things that girls all across this state and nation are doing.

We will feature special blog posts on current title holders who are preparing for Miss Georgia. You will also see that behind the crown and the glitz, these are all girls who are just finding how they can use their strength and pageants as a platform to make a difference in their community. I hope you enjoy this blog, and know that you can also follow me on my personal blog at


Hayley Henderson

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